One of the most popular and attractive modes of career is entrepreneurship. More people want to be on their own now than ever before. The problem is that the success rate is not very alluring. Our research says that this is primarily because the entrepreneur looks at entreprenuership more as a vehicle for his individual prosperity and considers entrepreneurship as a much smarter choice than doing a job. When this is combined with the belief that entreprenuership is all about risk taking, entrepreneurship as a career choice seems more adventurous and thrilling. Entrepreneurs feel that Entrepreneurship helps you identify with a clan different and superior to normal people doing jobs.

However, as he/she continues on this journey of entreprenuership, he/she is hounded with questions which start making this journey less interesting and slowly the journey becomes stressful and challenging and, if not corrected with the right steps and decisions, brings the entreprenuer at the crossroads which makes him/her wonder if he/she wants to continue this journey at all. Some of the questions that may plague the entrepreneur are:
1. How do I face competition?
2. How to I face price war?
3. How do I employ good people?
4. How do I retain employees?
5. How can I get my team to be responsible?
6. How can I get some free time?
7. How do I sell?
8. How do I create a brand?
9. How do I recover my outstanding dues?
10. In spite of working hard and making good sales, why am I not making any profits?
11. Should I go for masses or classes?
12. What can I do if I don’t have fun doing this business?

Designed after a research of over 10 years, Business + is a 2-days seminar covering 8 modules based on empirical wisdom. Backed by an experience of 30 batches and having trained over 1000 entrprenuers B+ can help you get rid of several myths of entrepreneurship and get insights to form the right paradigm needed for you to be an entreprenuer who
1. Enjoys doing business
2. Contributes positively to customers and team members
3. Makes good money in the process