Every entrepreneur’s dream…

Imagine a business having consistently growing profits year after year, happy customers eager to do business with them, by paying in advance. Loyal, responsible, eager to learn and engaged employees, A business which contributes to the well being of the world. This is every entrepreneur’s dream.

Only a few organisations show a consistent growth of 20% every year irrespective of the market conditions. There are no manipulations but solid growth.

Such businesses have loyal customers. Customers who care for the company. Customers who will feel sad if the company ceases to exist. Customers who are ready to pardon the mistakes made by the Company. Customers who are not only advocates but act as an army of unpaid salespeople for the Company. Customers who not only pay in advance but also are ready to pay premium prices.

Such businesses also have dedicated and engaged team members. Team members who only work for long hours but also feel responsible, as if they own the Company. They are hungry for learning everyday. They look upon their work as a means to forwarding the Mission of their Company to serve the Society and realising the Vision set by its leaders. They do not switch jobs easily, and when they do change, it’s never for higher pay. They believe in loyalty.

The owners of such businesses not only love doing business, but enjoy the process, where not only they earn a lots of profits, but also have a sense of contribution towards the Society and the World.

This is a dream of every entrepreneur. Do such companies really exist? Such companies have stood the test of time and are called World Class Companies.Disney, Apple, Harley Davidson, Southwest Airlines, HUL, TCS, InfoSys, Larsen & Toubro are examples of such great companies.

Yet this is not the story of majority of entrepreneurs. Though the external parameters, like a plush office, a chauffeur driven luxury car, huge turnover, a long list of customers, are indicators of an enviable success story, the inside story is seldom that rosy. The reality is ridden with challenges like high employee turnover, cash flow shortage, missing sales target, lack of motivation among team members, corruption, stress and the list goes on.

After doing research on how world class companies operate and working with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the last 2 decades we are proudly launching the new version of our one year entrepreneurship program Business + v2.1

Business +v2.1 is a practical program which addresses the challenges faced by today’s entrepreneurs while doing business in today’s world. It is aimed not only at overcoming these challenges, but helping the business grow, having satisfied customers, team members, contributing positively to the Society not only through their products and services but also ethically. The best part is having fun while doing this and enjoying the process.

This one year program is spread over 23 sessions, 12 full day sessions from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (once a month) and 11 sessions from 9.00 am to 12 pm (once a month on Saturday) with appropriate breaks. Extensive study material which will includes worksheets will be provided to every participant. Follow up will be given to each participant by a dedicated Reviewer, appointed exclusively to help them through the year.

The last session would be a grand graduation ceremony where the participation certificates and awards will be given to the winners of the WinnSysTM competition.

We shall now proceed to review the practical challenges faced by entrepreneurs and how Business + v2.1 can help overcome them.




Friday, 1PM to 2PM

Business Path Lab

Pathik HRD Insitute,Vile Parle (E), Mumbai



Sunday, 9AM to 5PM

Business+v2.2 - Core Concept

Pathik HRD Insitute,Vile Parle (E), Mumbai