Sameer Surve (Founder)

Sameer started training at the age of 18. His own life took a turn for the better, when he underwent a leadership training course under a trainer from Dale Carnegie Institute. Hooked on to the benefits of such a training program, Sameer desired to take up training as a profession.
He underwent three years of intensive training to be a trainer, wherein he underwent the intensive seven week training 12 times.After that, he launched himself as a trainer along with his father and started Pathik Human Resource Development Institute in 1989. Pathik has so far conducted over 300 Leadership programs in English and in Marathi.Academically, a commerce graduate, he later went ahead to do his M.B.A. with marketing as a specialization. Sameer has 31 years of training experience to his credit, and has so far trained 12,500 people from all age groups and professions. Sameer is also a certified NLP practitioner having being trained under Dr. Richard Bandler, the founder of NLP. He got the honor of learning lessons from Worldclass mentors like Tom Peters, Dr. Stephen Covey, Tony Buzan and Marshall Goldsmith. Sameer is also a Certified Life Coach from Results Coaching Systems, Australia by David Rock.Sameer is directly involved with corporate for their training needs. Sameer has gained a reputation in corporate as a ‘Master Motivator’. His candid and ‘No-Holds-Barred style has helped to bring ‘Engagement’ amongst the audiences he has addressed. The underlying issues here have always been behavioral, attitudinal and culture change. Reputed companies like Parke Davis, US Vitamins, Asian Paints, LTITL, PEPSI, CEAT, STP, Shreya Life Sciences, Telecom Factory, Tata Special Steels have benefited from the motivational style of the training imparted by Sameer to drive down critical change initiatives. These assignments have been of varying nature, linking motivation to key work related issues like Team Building, Customer Management, Personal Transformation, Time Management Selling Skills etc.While serving as corporate trainer, Sameer was creating a revolution in the retail market. After training more than 26,000 individuals from all walks of life he had some amazing results whereindividuals not only came out with tangible results but also were able to create a sustainable growth pattern for themselves through his programs. Sameer felt that he had something unique to share with the world in the retail segment. Hence in spite of having worked with the giants in the corporate training arena, Sameer in 2008 decided by choice to focus on the retail segment. And so on he focused only on the retail segments through his programs for Leadership and Entrepreneurship development.Traveling through this revolutionary journey many of his past Pathiks (students), realising their potential within left there well settled jobs and started on their own. Now being self made entrepreneurs they were in search of practical answers for business which they never found in B Schools and neither had they had back up of traditional literature. With their past experience with Pathik, they prodded Sameer to start a new quest to study entrepreneurshipTM.After an intense research of 11 years on over 100 Worldclass organisations throughout the globe Sameer launched a 1 year program of Entrepreneur – Business+ Version 2. This is a research based copyrighted program which runs for 1 full year with 12 full day and 11 2 hour sessions. This program is successfully running for the past 3 years and many entrepreneurs running small and medium scale businesses are benefiting from it.

Pathik today has an Alumni of over 26,000 students almost all trained by Sameer himself.