The joy of living life on your own terms

Why Pathik?

Pathik Human Resource Development Institute is a behavioural training company founded in 1989 with the basic premise of helping every individual to capitalise on his Uniqueness and experience the joy of living life on his / her own terms. We have coined and trademark a name for such people ‘UNIP’ which is an acronym for UNIque People This is done through the various programs like I Can Leadership Course™ and the Pathik Leadership Course™ meant for individuals above the age of 16 who could be students, working professionals, managers, housewives, retirees and / or business owners. In the last 29 years Pathik has trained over 20,000 individuals through its Leadership programs in English and Marathi.


Pathik Leadership Program version 2.1 has been developed by years of research and by keeping track of the transformation that happened in the lives of the participants for years after the program was over. Till date we have done more than 350 batches of this flag ship program in English & Marathi.


About ten years ago, we introduced yet another research based program for Entrepreneurs called Business Plus™. Business Plus™ has two versions - a two day version and an year long version. Till date we have trained over 250 entrepreneurs through the year long version and about 900 entrepreneurs through the two day version.

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More than 1000 Entrepreneurs trainer through Business+

250+ Entrepreneurs trained & coached through a 1 year process

23 researched modules get implemented in just 1 year

Entrepreneurs experience a multifold growth in Turnover with enhanced cash flows & profits in just 1 year

Strong mentoring support. Customised copyrighted study material with practical worksheets for implementation.


More than 350 batches conducted and 21000 individuals trained

9500 Entrepreneurs have achieved 1 yr turnover in 1 month

10300 Working Professionals have excelled in corporate careers

3500 Students excelled at their academic results

After starting a second career hundreds of housewives are creating results at their work place.